COVID-19 & Continuity of Learning


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Today I write to you about a change of learning delivery to students as we as a school choose to be proactive in these uncertain times. 

This is a very important email, so please read the whole email.

From Monday the 30th of March, all face to face delivery of lessons will cease and all lessons will move to on-line delivery.  We are planning this for all of Term 2 unless notified otherwise.

Parents can still choose to send their children to school as the school is still open, but all learning and teaching will be provided online.

We have chosen to take this stand for a number of reasons, including reducing numbers of students attending school, students at home not having continuity of their learning and absent face to face teaching is no longer sustainable hence the move to on-line learning.

We at school use two learning platforms – OneNote and Learning Place where students will be able to access their lessons plus other online resources.

In order to successfully participate in learning online, the students will require the following resources:

  1. A device with access to the internet
  2. Access to their EQ email (including their current password) – please refer to the instructions attached outlining the process for accessing student email (OWA)
  3. Access to Microsoft Office 365 (available online for all students – free)
  4. Headphones

As we move to this new way of learning, next week (Week 10) will be our activation week where we will address any concerns that may arise. 

Students will continue to follow their current timetable with the exception of the following:

For Years 7-10, some subjects will not be offered online.

  • All students will study Maths, English, Science, Humanities and Health (I lesson) – Year 7 and 8 will either do Health or Languages for one lesson.
  • Students will not be studying ARTS, Technology (food, digital, INTAD), Programs of Excellence (Surfing, Rugby League or Volleyball), Extension programs (Dance and Music), the Physical Education part of HPE and Wellbeing or Reading and Writing RAW (Year 8 only).
  • Year 10 students will continue with their online vocational subjects (VET) for one lesson per week.
  • Instrumental music will not be offered nor HPA (High Performing Athletes program).

For Years 11 and 12, subjects will continue to be studied as per their timetable. 

  • Practical work needing to be undertaken will be organised next term – more information to follow.
  • All Year 12 students exams will be conducted as planned.

All students will request support or ask questions via email to their teacher.  Email addresses for all teachers are available on the school website though this hyperlink: Staff Contacts List

When students do not have a lesson (due to the subject not being offered), students will have an independent learning lesson where they will catch up on work from other lessons.

Each week for every lesson, students will need to submit an artefact (piece of work) to the teacher.  Teachers will provide information directly to students about what this will be.

Children who still attend school

For those children who still attend school, the following will occur:

  • Students will be allocated a home block and a classroom where they will remain for the day.  For example, all year 7 students will work from H block.
  • Students in the Lighthouse will continue to access N block.
  • Students will access their learning via the online platforms and teachers will provide supervision of the students and support where necessary.
  • Teacher aides will be present in the classrooms to provide support.
  • Lunchbreaks will be spent around the home block – we need to be adhering to the social distancing guidelines.  Unfortunately this will also see all ball games at lunch ceasing (transmission via the ball).
  • School will start at 9.20am (no form class).  Paper rolls will be taken.
  • Uniform is still to be worn.
  • Devices and headphones need to be brought to school.
  • Normal high standard of behaviour and engagement is expected.

Other changes

  • Electronic rolls will not be taken so parents will not receive SMS messages about student attendance.  Parents can call the school to check if a student is present.

(Normal signing in and out through the office will still occur for students not present the whole day).

  • Apart from year 12 exams, there will be no face to face exams. Assignments will still be issued.

Support for online learning

  • For any password, connection or for general BYOD problems – please email for assistance to
  • Teachers will only be available to respond to email enquiries in the times of the lesson.  Teachers will continue to work their normal day.
  • Parents will be provided with detailed plans showing what topics are being taught each lesson – this information will be provided later.
  • Trouble shooting for BYOD instructions.  This will be updated if more troubleshooting tips are needed.

As this new way of learning unfolds, I will provide updates.  I know that I have not covered all questions so please continue to email myself with any queries.

We thank you for your support,



Julie Pozzoli


Caloundra State High School

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Last reviewed 27 March 2020
Last updated 27 March 2020