Excellence programs


Caloundra State High School offers Programs of Excellence in academic and sporting pursuits that are designed to assist students in reaching their full potential.

Our academic excellence programs partner with the University of the Sunshine Coast and are informed by cutting-edge educational research and practice. Our sports development programs are conducted in partnership with local and regional community sporting organisations and are led by industry professionals.

All programs require a significant commitment  of time and effort outside of school hours.  Each program has a participation fee which must be paid in full before students commence. Entry to all programs is by application.

Important dates for 2020 enrolments

Year 7 Scholarship applications open:  Friday 22nd February 2019
Year 7 Scholarship applications close: Friday 15th March 2019
Year 7 Horizons applications close:
Round 1: Friday 15th March 2019 (major intake)
Round 2: Friday 16th August 2019 (subject to availability)
Year 8 Horizons applications close: Round 1: Friday 16th August 2019 (subject to availability)
Year 7 Volleyball, Rugby League & Surf Sports Programs of Excellence applications close:
Round 1: Friday 15th March 2019 (to be considered for a Sports Scholarship)
Round 2: 16th August 2019
Year 7 Volleyball and Rugby League Try-out sessions:
Round 1: Wednesday 26th June 2019 (Year 6 High School Experience Day)
Round 2: Wednesday 4th September 2019 (3.00pm to 5.00pm)
Year 7 Surf Sports Trials:

Date: TBA - applicants will be invited to a beach trial session to be held after school in September

Applications to be submitted on or prior to this date.

Year 7 Arts Performance Extension Program: Applications close:-
Round 1: Friday 15th March 2019
Round 2: Friday 16th August 2019
Round 1:Wednesday 26th June 2019 (Year 6 High School Experience Day)
Round 2: Wednesday 4th September @ 3.15pm

Details about each program are as follows:

Horizons Academic Excellence

The Horizon Program (Years 7 & 8) and Academic Masterclasses (Years 9 & 10 nurture and develop academically-talented students to extend and maximise their potential. Students work within the Australian Curriculum, with a focus on 21st Century skills such as complex thinking, digital literacy, innovation and teamwork.  Students are also involved in extracurricular activities within the local community and University of the Sunshine Coast to help nurture their passion for learning, allowing like-minded students to work together and be constantly challenged.

Volleyball Development

The Volleyball Program runs from Years 7-10 and provides our students with an advanced understanding of the game. Strong focus is placed on the essential skills, rules, rotations and teamwork throughout practical lessons. Theoretical aspects teach our students about enhancing performance and being a coach/leader/mentor.  Students conduct coaching clinics and mini volleyball tournaments for our local primary school students using our cutting-edge facilities. Partnering with Volleyball Queensland gives Caloundra State High School students the opportunity to play at an elite level in state and national events.

Rugby League Development

The Caloundra State High School Rugby League Program is open to students in Years 7-12 and is designed to develop and enhance our students in both technical ability and sportsmanship. The program uses Rugby League as a tool to develop respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity, leadership and teamwork. Students have the opportunity to represent Caloundra State High School in local and state competitions. Partnership with Sunshine Coast Falcons and the Caloundra RSL provides students with many opportunities including elite coaching and future pathways. Year 11 & 12 students will complete a Certificate II in Sport & Recreation and Certificate II in Sport Coaching, both contributing to their Queensland Certificate of Education.

Surf Sports Development

With Kings, Moffat and Dicky Beach all in close proximity and the help of our local partners Silky Surf, this program provides experienced or novice surfers in Years 7-12 with the opportunity to hone their technical skills and broaden their knowledge of beach environments along with practical aspects, such as board making and repair and surf survival skills. Students have the opportunity to represent Caloundra State High School in local and state competitions. Years 11 & 12 students will complete a Certificate II in Sport & Recreation and be coached to complete the Surf Bronze Medallion, both contributing to their Queensland Certificate of Education.

Last reviewed 31 May 2019
Last updated 31 May 2019