Why do I sign a Charter?


The school has a Charter of Student Expectations in order to keep everyone informed as to what is required when using a private device on a Department of Education and Training network via a wireless connection. As the students will be accessing the network with their own device there a couple of things we need parents and students to agree to in order to protect the integrity of our school network.  (The following dots refer to the bullet points on the agreement in order)

  • The school’s ICT responsible use procedure – all students are bound to this when using our computer network whether on their own device or on a school owned device.  You can view the agreement in your student’s diary or on the web.
  • As the device is personally owned if our technicians were to assist that will void any warrantees or agreements parents have with their suppliers, this is added in order to protect parents. 
  • Device on the internet – this point is also covered in the ICT responsible use procedure.  The main purpose of including it in the charter is to ensure students are not trying to bypass EQ filtering systems to sites that are inappropriate, harmful or not curriculum related.
  • Agreeing to the BYO charter – as acknowledgment that all parties have read the charter and have agreed to the terms and conditions, this is about informing parents of school policy and procedures.
  • Minimum requirements
    • Virus Protection – this is essential to ensure the integrity of the school network.  Mainly to insure that viruses aren’t spread to the network and unconsciously to the whole school community or worse. 
      • There are many anti-virus software packages available some for high cost, others are freeware download for example AVG.  Windows 10 has a built in security, others don’t, so we have this in to cover all versions of machines the students may use.  Norton also offers a deal to EQ students, information is available on the Learning Place. (NB there seems to be an issue with their PayPal system, but direct to credit card on their secure site does invoice the correct amount)
    • Minimum specifications – the specifications that we provided we know will connect with our network, run required software and be sufficient for students to complete their course of study.  Lower specification machines are able to connect, but we cannot guarantee their stability for the student requirements for curriculum drives, printing resources etc.
    • Wireless capabilities – to connect to the wireless for internet, network drive access and printing.
    • Specified software installed – The school will provide software required through either EQ agreements or school BYO site licencing.  We supply the access to the software – this is saying that the student will install it for school use but also that they won’t distribute it unlawfully and that they will abide by the school’s ICT responsible use procedure.  It is also to protect the school to bind students to agree that they won’t install inappropriate software  or media content onto their machine for example, Software to “hack” the network, or classified/ adult rated content that is not appropriate for a school environment.  The software we purchase is for Windows and Apple operating systems only.
Last reviewed 31 May 2019
Last updated 31 May 2019