High performing athletes program


What does the program offer?

  • The High Performing Athlete Program is designed to provide school-based support for student athletes at Caloundra SHS to manage the demands of being both a high performing athlete and a highly successful student.
  • Each student is provide with an on-going program which will map and monitor their competitive, training and academic calendars. This will identify major competitions, out-of-school events and school assessment schedules. Training cycles will be tailored to allow for peak competition performance, while allowing students to balance elite sporting commitments and meeting QCAA assessment requirements.
  • The coaching sessions will be implemented to monitor, test and improve the overall physical capabilities of the students in the program. The program has an overall focus on learning correct technique and controlling their own bodyweight through a range of different movement patterns. As the athletes begin to show competency with their movement capabilities, the complexity will gradually increase, as well as being tailored more towards the athlete's sport.
  • The High Performing Student Athletes coaching and mentoring program is FREE to participants in 2019. However, students are required to meet incidental costs such as travel and uniform.

How does the program work within the schooling week?

  • HPA Program students are timetabled to three high performance coaching sessions each week, which is timetabled into their weekly school routine. For Years 11 & 12, students may be able to adjust their academic load when taking up their place in this program.  Students must first meet with the Guidance Officer to complete an academic review.
  • Year 11 & 12 students have access to additional sessions on Wednesday (9.30am – 3.00pm) for academic support and guidance as well as high performance coaching sessions, nutrition advice, some physio sessions, rehab and prehab sessions, sports psychology and goal setting. There will also be trips on this day to work with the High Performing Athlete Program at University of the Sunshine Coast, QAS visits, Brisbane Broncos tours, etc.


  • The HPA program has a partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast's High Performing Student Athlete (HPSA) program, to expose Caloundra SHS students to opportunities in High Performance Sport after school. This comes through visits from the USC athletes to the students at Caloundra SHS, as well as the opportunity for our students to visit the facilities at USC.

Student testimonials

  • The HPA program is very supportive towards my sport, it is the best subject as it allows me to succeed both academically and athletically due to the great support and great facilities
  • HPA has personally helped me with my knowledge on the food I should be consuming, recovery and preventing injuries. The structured strength and conditioning coaching has so far made me an all-around better athlete, and helped reduce my injuries.



For further information, please contact Mr Kurt Jones (, High Performance Coach


Last reviewed 27 August 2019
Last updated 27 August 2019