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Pathfinders is a unique opportunity for some year 10 students who want to identify and want to improve something in their life, be it behaviour, confidence, leadership or relationships. The program offers whole day outdoor activities comprising of canoeing, rock-climbing and a three-day wilderness trek.  It also includes school sessions where students are involved in activities that foster team building and co-operative skills, and is completed with a special Graduation Lunch where participants share with assembled guests about their positive experiences through the program. Students self-nominate in be included in Pathfinders and participating students stand to benefit from the self-development and leadership qualities that the activities are aimed at nurturing.

Following are some comments from previous participants about their Pathfinders experience:

“It has helped me to try my hardest in all things”…. “It has improved my fitness, courage, and especially teamwork”…. “It helped me be more confident and made me realise my family means everything”…. “It has taught me to never give up and push through tough stages”…. “It helped me not to take things for granted”….. “I found new friends and I learned how to deal with stress and problems”…… “I have become so much more confident. I now believe in myself and have built my self-esteem up”.

Peer skills training

The Peer Skills Program recognises that when young people have difficulties, they frequently, in the first instance turn to their peers for support rather than approaching an adult.

At CSHS, School Based Youth Health Nurse, Dianne Alexander and School Chaplain, Paul Murray facilitate the Peer Skills Program for year 8 students. The sixteen students selected are nominated by their peers as having positive listening and helping skills. Participation in this training further develops these valued qualities.

The purpose of the 2 day training workshop is to develop personal strengths within the participants such as self-understanding and the fostering of positive supportive relationships, as well as increase skills in; problem solving, conflict resolution, goal setting and goal achievement.

Topics covered in the program include:
  • Values and attitudes
  • Listening and responding
  • Problem solving
  • Identifying individual strengths and self-care
  • Exploring helping services in the local community.

Rock and water

Rock and Water is an anti-bullying program best delivered to students in junior secondary (years 7-8). Delivered in an outdoor format, Rock and Water utilizes some self-defence strategies, while encouraging students to reflect on issues such as violence, respect, bullying, and confidence. Students engage well in activities then debrief with facilitators. The premise of Rock and Water is that sometimes it is good to adopt an attitude like a rock- strong and steadfast and not able to be moved; and other times it is important to learnt to flow like water- becoming flexible and malleable in our thinking. Wisdom is in knowing what’s worth standing up for, and when it its best to let go.

Su camps

Don’t get caught doing nothing next school holidays. Join an SU QLD Camp and have the time of your life!

SU QLD trained volunteer leaders run close to 100 camps across Queensland every year for primary and high school students. These camps offer a world of opportunities for young people to enjoy a wide range of awesome activities, great food, and learn some really cool stuff too. At all of our camps we make time to explore interesting topics on a range of issues relating to the Christian faith. Check out the Su QLD Camp website. 


So you've finished school! NOW IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!!!

SU-Schoolies is the ultimate start to life after school. With 5 of the most epic locations to choose from you can pick a Schoolies that will be totally unforgettable. Whitsundays, Sunny Coast, Fraser Island, Melbourne, or Hawaii each location is packed full of thrill, adventure and plenty of time for total relaxation. Get your bestie's together and pick your location, because it's time to celebrate. All SU-Schoolies events are alcohol and drug free and supervised by team of volunteers who are there to make your Schoolies experience the best ever. Check out the Su-Schools website.

For more information contact;
Mr Paul Murray
Chaplain - Caloundra State High School

Last reviewed 31 May 2019
Last updated 31 May 2019